Guests are only allowed at Cannon Pool when a current member accompanies them, during their time at the pool. The current member must be 13 years or older, and the guest must filled out and sign an agreement to abide by Cannon Pool Rules and Guidelines. The agreement/waiver and to pay for the guest pass can be done at the Snack Shack window when you first arrive.

Daily guest bands are $10.00

Guests will be issued a wristband with the date written on it. Bands are good for one full day.  If you cut the band off that day, you must purchase a new one to continue using the pool that day.

A 10 pack of guest passes is $80. 

The 10 pack of guest passes needs to be purchased with a board member. Many members take advantage of this value pack to use for out of town guests visiting or for friends they may want to invite to the pool. You will need one guest pass per person invited by a member. All purchased guest passes must be used during the current season.

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