Bring on the sunshine and pool vibes! We cannot wait to see you all poolside for the Summer Season 2024!

To become a Cannon Pool Member, you need to complete TWO simple steps…

Step ONE : Complete the membership application by clicking on the link below.

Complete the 2023 Membership Application

Step TWO : Scroll below the pricing area on this page and click on the blue “Purchase Now” button to BUY your membership package. You can mail in a check, but both steps must be complete to lock in your rate and to process your membership welcome packet.

Anyone who lives in the Rockford area is invited to join the pool.

Our summer events will be posted online by the end of April and can be found by hovering your cursor over “The Pool” in the top tool bar. Then click on “events”. A hard copy of the Summer Events, Guidelines/Rules, and member wristbands will be given to each member in their welcome packet. A waiver for the slide and diving board will be in your packet to be signed by a member 13 or older.

Want to reserve a couple tables at the pool for a party? Check out the events calendar to find an available day. Through the “contact us” link in the top tool bar, you can email our events coordinator for more information.

Pricing below is effective and has not changed since April 1, 2022.

Membership Level
Returning Members from 2023
New Members for 2024
Single $180.00 $192.00
Double $330.00 $355.00
Triple $470.00 $507.00
Family $530.00 $580.00
Baby Sitter Pass $75.00 $75.00
Guest Pass (purchased at the snack shack) $10.00 $10.00
Guest Pack of 10 (purchased at the snack shack) $80.00 $80.00


Purchase Now

  • The cost of a pool membership is listed above for the 2024 season.
    • Any membership for a child 12 years or younger MUST be accompanied by an adult membership. A child MUST be 13
      BEFORE the start of the pool season to purchase an individual membership.
  • Membership forms cannot be processed until both forms AND payment are complete.
  • There is a “household family maximum” of $530 for members returning from 2023 season and $580 for new members.
    • “household family maximum” includes no more than two adult
      members over the age of 18, unless children under 24 are full-time
    • The Babysitter pass does not apply to the “household family
    • Exceptions and special cases will be evaluated by the board. Members requesting an exception should fill out
      the Exception Request Form.
  • Babysitters MUST be accompanied by the children whose family name
    appears on the membership form for whom the pass was purchased by.
  • Internet access (family friendly) is available for the season for free.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Membership

 We’re a family of three, how much do we pay?
$470 for three returning members or $507 for three new members..

I want to join the pool, but it is July already. Do you offer a discount?
No, we do not prorate memberships for anyone who joins later in the season

Only my daughter and I use the pool and my husband never does. How much do we pay?
$330 for two returning members or $355 for two new members.

Can I buy one membership for my 14 year old son or daughter?
YES. It would be $192 for a new member or $180 for a returning member..

We’re a family of four (Mom, Dad, and two kids), but my brother also lives with us. How much do
we pay to allow everyone have a tag?

A returning family is $530 for four or $580 for new members. The additional adult brother, if new to the pool is $192, and assuming all the children are under 18.

We’re a family of four (Mom, Dad, and two kids), but we have a close friend living with us. How
much do we pay to allow everyone have a tag?

A returning family is $530 for four or $580 for a new family of four. If the additional adult is a new member the membership is $192, and assuming all the children are under 18.

My husband and I are over 55 and my daughter and three kids live with us for a couple of weeks
during the summer. How much do we pay?

Guest passes are $10 each or you can buy a pack of 10 passes for $80.

We have a foster child living with us, is he counted as part of our “household family maximum”?

My husband’s two kids visit us (we’re a family of three) on the weekends but want to use the
pool. How much do we pay?

Children of parents with special custodial arraignments are considered covered by the “household family
maximum”. Returning members family of four or more $530 or $580 for new members.

My sister watches our kids during the summer. How much do we pay for a family membership and my

A Babysitter Pass may be purchased for the sister for an additional $75.
She may only use the pool facility when accompanied with the children.

My husband doesn’t use the pool, but I take my three year-old down. How much do we pay?
$330 for two returning members or $355 for two new members, but your husband would not be able to bring your child to the pool
except as the adult’s guest.